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We will go over our rules in depth here at school. Our rules are: We take care of ourselves.

We take care of each other. We take care of our classroom. We take care of our world.

I believe in offering children choices and redirecting behavior. We use “green” and “red” choices to help students make appropriate choices. My goal is to maintain a safe, inclusive, and encouraging learning environment for all students. If a child is preventing others from interacting with the environment through disruptive behavior, they will need to be temporarily removed from the activity or redirected. It is typical for young learners to push boundaries and occasionally act in less than desirable ways. Please do not be discouraged if your child has a tough day. This is a part of the learning process and is as important (if not more!) as the academics taught in our school. I strive to develop the child’s social, emotional, academic, and behavioral intelligence.

I have a wide range of techniques at my disposal for interacting with difficult behaviors. Corporal punishment is never used. If your child continues to have difficulty behaving at school despite a variety of approaches, we may need to have a parent-teacher conference to discuss next steps. These may include waiting until the child is developmentally ready to begin preschool, or a different placement for your child.

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