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What Makes Us Unique?

Our small class sizes gives us the opportunity to get to know each child and meet them where they are. As a small, in home school you receive a level of personal attention teachers in a larger center or school may not be able to provide. Preschoolers receive instruction by a credentialed teacher with the knowledge of what a child needs to be successful in Kindergarten (and beyond!). Small class sizes mean we can pack a whole lot of learning and fun into less hours in the classroom- giving you and your child more time to be a "kid" and grow and develop outside of school. 

We offer two different half-day preschool/pre-K programs. Use the drop down menu above to explore each program more. 

Tutoring for homeschoolers is done during the "regular" school day. After school tutoring spots are limited. 

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Preschool and Kinder Prep get to know our local community through two parent chaperoned field trips per year. 

For current tuition rates, please contact us at

Our Programs

Potty Training

All children must be potty trained. Diapers and pull-ups are not allowed. I do not have the ability to change diapers or pull ups here at school. Students will be reminded frequently to use the bathroom during the school day. I suggest all students wear loose-fitting clothes to make using the bathroom easier. Jumpers and overalls are adorable but can be difficult to get on and off quickly.  Staff will assist with wiping, if needed. Accidents are common! We will use the spare clothes provided at the beginning of the year and notify parents when accidents occur.

Kinder Prep students must be able to pull pants down and up independently. Preschool children are assisted in the bathroom dressing and undressing, if needed.

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